How can I tell if I need a Cabin Air Pollen Filter Replacement Service?

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, then it is time to get a new Cabin Air Pollen Filter: 

  • The filter is over a year old
  • You have driven beyond the maintenance interval
  • You have allergies
  • Vehicle operates in a dusty or dirty environment
  • Driving in an area with smog or pollution


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What is a Cabin Air Pollen Filter?

The Cabin Air Pollen Filter is positioned between you inside the driver's cabin and the outside ambient air. The Cabin Air Pollen Filter is designed within the ventilation system, and all incoming air passes through the filter's paper to trap undesirable airborne contaminants before they can get inside the cabin and then your lungs. Anything that can float in air can be trapped in the Cabin Air Pollen Filter including grass pollen, mold spores, toxic fumes, smog, combustion gasses, and dust. The good news is that a new filter can trap nearly 100% of these unwanted contaminants, but that new filter will eventually get clogged or torn. When the filter is clogged or torn, it will not trap almost 100% of the airborne pollutants. If this happens, the air quality inside the cabin will become compromised.   

Awesome Ford Service Specials

Allergy Season & New Cabin Air Pollen Filter

When spring arrives, and warmer days set into Washington, Awesome Ford has our loyal customers with allergies on the mind. Now is the time of the year that nature blossoms with plants releasing all kinds of pollen into the air. From grass to flowers, the pollen released into the air can wreak havoc on your lungs and sinuses, especially if you suffer from allergies. But never worry, Cabin Air Filters can trap nearly 100% of all airborne pollutants including plant pollen from ambient air. However, the cabin air filter is made of paper and might be coming to the end of its useful life, especially if it is old or you have driven with it in dirty environments. If you suffer from allergies or merely want the freshest driving experience throughout the summer, then we invite you to receive a Cabin Air Pollen Filter Replacement Service at Awesome Ford. The Cabin Air Pollen Filter Replacement Service is offered at the Express Service Department conveniently and at attractive pricing that is negligible compared to the cabin-air-cleaning benefits of the service.  

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