Transmission Service in Chehalis

Looking for a great place to get your transmission serviced near Chehalis? The professional automotive technicians at Awesome Ford can help service your car or truck transmission and get your car back on the road quickly. Your transmission is a very important component to your vehicle, so it is important to have it serviced regularly and have highly qualified technicians handle the work. At Awesome Ford in Washington State, you will only receive the highest level of professional service. Here are some commonly asked questions about car transmission service.

What does a car transmission do?

Without a doubt, your car transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The transmission aids in making the power from your engine reach your wheels.  Each vehicle either has a manual or automatic transmission. One of the best analogies of a manual transmission is to compare it to bicycle gears, the driver is responsible for changing the gears and then 

the transmission takes care of the rest. With an automatic transmission everything is taken care of by the transmission, you just drive the car and let the transmission shift for you. In order to ensure your transmission is working properly, it's good to have make sure to is serviced as recommended by the manufacturer.

How do I know if service is necessary?

Read your owner's manual and see when it recommends having your car transmission serviced. Since there are different types of transmissions, service recommendations may vary. Most manufacturers recommend servicing a manual transmission between thirty thousand and sixty thousand miles. Depending on usage, you might need to change your transmission fluid more frequently than that.

What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid is crucial for a transmission to run properly. The fluid lubricates the parts of the transmission to make sure that it runs smoothly. In automatic transmission's the fluid serves more than one purpose as it also serves as a coolant. How often should you change your transmission fluid? Many manufacturers recommend replacing the fluid at around fifty thousand miles. By doing it this often, you will help your vehicle have clean fluid that helps your transmission operate properly.

Signs your transmission is failing

If your car or truck is experiencing any of these problems, it is a good idea to make an appointment at Awesome Ford to make sure your transmission isn't failing. Some common signs of transmission failure include a "slipping" sensation that occurs in between shifting gears, transmission fluid leaking underneath your car (usually bright or dark red in color), rough shifting patterns where it feels like your car hits hard into gear, or long pauses in between shifting your car from park into drive.

Make an appointment in Chehalis to have your transmission checked

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