Signs you need a Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection:

  • Annoying noises when braking
  • Vehicle requires more distance to stop
  • Brake pedal is soft or needs to be pushed down farther
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • Brake fluid leaks, usually around the rubber lines or connections


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Efficient Vehicle Maintenance: Combining Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection

At Awesome Ford, we are always trying to create value for our customers. There are often problems with a vehicle that create additional problems. Brake system performance is one of those opportunities because faulty brake system performance leads to undesirable tire wear consequences. It is for this reason that any brake system problem that is found should lead to a tire inspection and rotation as needed to promote even tire wear that will extend the life of your tires. More often than not, when our Certified Technicians service a brake system with a known deficit, they also find rapid or uneven tire tread wear that requires rotation to offset the tread wear deficit. By pairing these much-needed maintenance services together, everyone wins; our customers save money getting their vehicle maintained and we get to execute our goal as your trusted one-stop Ford shop.   

What are the Signs of needing a Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection?

When you need a Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection Service, there will usually be warning signs that reflect the significance of the problem. Usually, a defect will minor with minor symptoms that are more difficult for the untrained person to detect. However, minor problems always get worse with worsening symptoms until the problem cannot be ignored. Given the safety importance of your tires and brakes, we never recommend putting off service if you are experiencing one or more warning signs. Warning Signs listed above!

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Are there Significant Benefits for Combining Tire Rotation & Brake Service?

Yes, there are significant benefits for routine Tire Rotation & Brake Service including the following: 

  • Improved brake system reliability directly translates to improved safety
  • Protects against damages that directly translates into reduced operating costs
  • Enhances driving experience through ride comfort
  • Promotes efficient tire wear with longer tire life
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduced tire chop that protects wheel bearings 

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