Ford Tire Replacement Service

Ford Tire Replacement Service

How to Tell if You Need New Tires

The best way to know if your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV requires Tire Replacement Service is with an inspection by a Certified Technician with vast training and experience evaluating tire condition. Our Certified Technicians know how to assess every tire's physical condition with an emphasis on tread wear and damages. If the tread wear is worn, the rubber has damage, or if the tire doesn't hold air pressure, then a Tire Replacement Service will be necessary to restore peak performance and passenger safety. Here are some of the most common signs of needing to replace automotive tires:

  • Tread depth check shows less than 2.32 inch remaining tread depth 
  • Tire wear indicator bar is flush with the tread  
  • Physical tire damage - bald wear, cupping, ring pattern, or bulges
  • Tires are more than six years old  

Awesome Ford Service Department

New Tire Installation

We provide Tire Replacement Service on all Ford vehicles; no matter if you drive a Ford F-150 in Chehalis, Ford Explorer in Olympia, Ford Escape in Lacey, or Ford F-250 in Tumwater, rest assured that if your Ford vehicle needs Tire Replacement, we have everything that you need to get your vital source of transportation back on the road quickly and at factory specifications. Tire Replacement Service features a Certified Technician and the new tires that you selected from our extensive selection of new tires. We carry every famous tire brand in every style and size that you might need. The Certified Technician will mount each new tire at factory specifications with balancing to ensure an even weight distribution. Rest assured that the Tire Replacement Service at Awesome Ford is precisely what every Ford needs when Tires need Replacement. Awesome Ford is conveniently located in Chehalis near Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, WA.


New Tires in Chehalis, WA

Every Ford car, truck, van, and SUV meets the road with a good set of tires when it is manufactured, but we all know that tires have a limited life and require replacement when the tread wears down. Automotive tires must be made out of a durable rubber composite the provides maximum traction when your vehicle needs it most; however, the rubber has a limited life because it is a material prone to wear and tear as it grips asphalt roads. At Awesome Ford, we are ready to provide any Ford vehicle with the Tire Replacement Service that it requires to restore peak tire performance and passenger safety.


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