Ford Tire Patch & Repair Service

Ford Tire Patch & Repair Service

Does my Tire Damage Qualify for a Patch?

Tire patches are smaller punctures that are less than ¼ inch in diameter and located in the center of the tread. If the damage is on the sidewall or outside tread, the tire will require replacement service to restore factory specifications. It is also important to note that canned products offering a quick fix for flat tires are a significant risk because this approach does not meet safety standards. If you have a small puncture hole, gain peace of mind with an industry-approved Tire Patch & Repair Service from a reputable service center.

Awesome Ford Service Department

Tire Patch & Repair Service in Chehalis, WA

Tire Patch & Repair Service is the perfect solution for repairing smaller tire punctures. The tremendous value of Tire Patch and Repair Service is that it saves you from having to buy a new tire. A Tire Patch is a plug and a seal that will fill the small hole and then creates an airtight seal that restores peak performance. Rest assured that Tire Patch & Repair Service is approved by all of the most popular tire brands, including Michelin. If your Tire puncture is small enough for Tire Patch & Repair Service, we invite you to Awesome Ford to get the service done quickly, conveniently, and at attractive pricing. Awesome Ford is located in Chehalis near Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey, Washington.


Patching a Tire in Chehalis, WA

A Tire Patch is a convenient and price-effective way of saving a tire that's been punctured. The tremendous benefit of patching a small puncture is that it restores tire performance and safety without having to purchase a new tire. The Patch has a plug component that fills the opening, preventing air from escaping the hole. The seal portion of the Patch ensures that the plug is completely sealed and air cannot escape the puncture. Tire repairs at Awesome Ford follow industry standards set forth by famous tire brands such as Michelin as well as regulatory agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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