Ford Mileage Interval Services in Chehalis, Washington

5,000 Mile Service

Ford 5,000 Mile Service features a Certified Technician that will perform Synthetic Blend Oil and Filter Change and a Multi-Point Inspection. The service will guarantee that your vehicle has an engine that runs lubricated and cool for another 5,000 miles. The Multi-Point Inspection will detect any components with significant wear that can get repaired or replaced as necessary to improve performance while reducing risk.

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10,000 Mile Service

Ford 10,000 Mile Service features a Certified Technician performing a Full Synthetic Oil and Filter Change with a Multi-Point Inspection. The Certified Technician will drain the old Oil and remove the old Filter, replacing both with genuine Ford Full Synthetic Oil & Filter to restore peak engine lubrication and temperature regulation. 10,000 Mile Service also includes a Tire Rotation Service that repositions each wheel to a new location. 10,000 Mile Service concludes with a Multi-Point Inspection to identify any vital components with risky wear; any defective parts can get repaired or replaced as needed to restore peak performance at factory specifications.

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15,000 Mile Service

Ford 15,000 Mile Service includes Engine Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter Replacements. Ford models needing Synthetic Blend oil & filter change service can get that done when they reach 15,000 miles as well. The old air filters get removed by a Certified Technician that will also clean the filter housings. Ford also recommends Fuel Injection System Service at 15,000 miles including a fuel injector flush with lines & rails cleaned. 15,000 Mile Service concludes with a Multi-Point Inspection that tells you the precise condition of each vital component as well as your vehicle's overall health.

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Ford Services

Interval Services from Awesome Ford 

Following the Recommended Maintenance Interval in your Ford Owner's Manual is the best way to ensure that your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV is operating at peak performance and factory specifications. Basic maintenance at the recommended interval will ensure that the vital components prone to rapid wear are taken care of to the best of your ability. 

When you adhere to the Ford Mileage Interval in the owner's manual, you can almost always guarantee to realize the enormous benefits associated with unsurpassed vehicle maintenance, including maximum vehicle reliability, performance, durability, efficiency, higher resale value, and passenger safety. 

If your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV is at a recommended maintenance interval, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Awesome Ford to get your much-needed Mileage Interval Service. Awesome Ford is conveniently located in Chehalis, WA near Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, Washington.

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