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Dirty Fuel, Fuel Injection & Accumulating Deposits

The most popular modern engines rely on gasoline as the fuel that ultimately provides the combustion power you need to travel. There is a weakness when it comes to modern gasoline in terms of fuel injection and engine performance -fuel is full of additives and detergents, that when exposed to pressure and heat from combustion, will start to form deposits, especially in narrow passages such as the fuel injectors. If deposits restrict the fuel injection system, fuel will not be able to reach the combustion chamber when you press down on the gas pedal. When this happens, your engine will be choked of the fuel it requires to generate power. 


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Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel Injection System?

Dirty fuel injection systems will impact engine performance, and you'll start noticing the engine-performance consequences associated with clogged fuel injectors. Here are the symptoms that you should never ignore indicating that you have a dirty fuel injection system in need of service:

  • Rough idling 
  • Engine starting trouble or won't turn over at all 
  • Failed emissions inspection 
  • Poor acceleration or reduced horsepower 
  • Increased fuel consumption or decreased fuel efficiency

Ford Service Specials

What does Gasoline Engine Fuel Injection System Service Include?

When the fuel injection system gets dirty, engine performance and efficiency quickly decline. Gasoline Engine Fuel Injection System Service is a convenient way of making sure that the fuel injection system is as clean as possible, extending you the benefits of comfortable driving, optimum fuel efficiency, and reduced operating expenses. The little cost of the service is negligible compared to the tremendous benefits of Gas Engine Fuel Injection System Service.

The Gasoline Engine Fuel Injection System Service always includes a Certified Technician with vast training on Ford fuel systems and experience performing Fuel Injection System Service. The Certified Technician will begin the service by focusing on cleaning filth and grime. We use a special power flush instrument and cleaning solvent that removes all of the accumulated deposits that threaten engine performance. Although we will emphasize fuel injector cleanliness, the other components of the fuel injection system will be cleaned including the throttle body, plate, high-pressure rails, manifold, throttle sensor, pressure regulator, and temperature sensor. Awesome Ford is conveniently located in Chehalis within Lewis County near Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, WA. 

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