There are many reasons to fall in love with a Ford Edge SUV, and many of them revolve around this model’s innate capability. Excelling in power, performance, and technology, the Ford Edge integrates everything buyers want into its base model. It just gets better from there, too. Equipped with everything you need to simplify your busy life, the Ford Edge incorporates features that revolve around the concepts of comfort and convenience.

Customizing every drive to the road being traveled, the Intelligent AWD technology of the Ford Edge allows your vehicle to adapt to current road conditions to maximize traction. Improved handling is achieved through adequate torque balance between the front and rear axles. Buyers in climates with extreme winters and summers can travel with ease thanks to this innovative feature.

Capable technology adorns in the inside of the Ford Edge. Easy charging for wireless devices via a wireless charging pad, convenient loading courtesy of a foot-activated liftgate, and enhanced visibility resulting from a rear view camera are just a few modern amenities that contribute to the overall capability of the Ford Edge.


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