The Ford Edge sport utility vehicle imports cutting-edge technologies from external companies, like Google and Amazon. Car shoppers from Chehalis may ask Awesome Ford about the exclusive mobile applications that are optional in this mid-size SUV, which comes in four stylish trims.

The Edge's Ford+Alexa service gives you access to an array of functions on the go. You can synchronize this patented app with the Amazon Echo device that's commonly set up in smart homes worldwide. Alexa works well with your Android smartphone or iPhone. You can also link your mobile phone with the FordPass Connect wireless internet network in the cabin. The high-speed signals in the WiFi network prevent delays in the Ford+Alexa portal. If you'd like to take advantage of Google Assistant, simply link your Android device to the Android Auto hub. Google Maps and Waze are some advanced apps that work well with the car's built-in navigation system.



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