Chehalis drivers in the market would be well advised to give special consideration to the new Ford EcoSport. Not only is this compact SUV both stylish and reliable, but it is also packed full of capability features that allow it to deal with anything that life might bring its way.

Here at Awesome Ford, we are particularly enamored with the EcoSport's intelligent four-wheel drive system. This feature provides the vehicle with enhanced handling that allows it to tackle any weather or road condition. You can truly rely on the new EcoSport to get you wherever you need to go.

The new EcoSport also includes innovative automated stop-start technology. This fabulous feature is the perfect way to save gas. When the vehicle is stopped at a red light, the system automatically shuts off the engine. When it is time to get going again, the engine clicks back in without delay. As such, no energy is wasted while waiting for the light to turn.



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