The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon gives occupants a full sense of comfort. Each feature of the Ford Transit is designed to make riding as enjoyable as possible. Check out the vehicle's features to learn how comfortable a ride should be.

The steering column is the first place you'll notice the driver-focused interior design. The column both tilts and telescopes to help you adjust to a comfortable seating position. You won't have to deal with twisting your body around to find the right spot. The adjustable steering column brings comfort to you.

The Ford Transit allows passengers to recline in comfort whenever they feel the need. The front, reclining bucket seat is electric powered for convenience. The seat is bordered by an inboard armrest and soft headrest. Your passengers will love the relaxing feel of the front seating area.

Feel the comfort yourself by test driving the Transit at Awesome Ford. Riding through the streets of Chehalis will never seem the same again.



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