Ford has been in the forefront of the auto industry for some time with popular vehicles like its midsize Ranger truck. Many people are happy with this truck's tech features. We'll highlight a few below.


You are driving and move your eyes away from the road just for a second, and all of a sudden, a car gets right in front of you. It can happen to anyone, but with a Ranger, you are going to be more prepared because this truck senses vehicles in front of you, warns you about it, and even helps you stop by pre-charging the brakes.

Blind Spots

You are thinking of switching lanes and turn on your blinker. The coast looks clear and you begin to move. All of a sudden Ford's BLIS system tells you to stop. It is telling you this because there is a vehicle in your blind spot that you couldn't see. You and your passengers are now safe to drive another day in Chehalis. You have your Ford Ranger to thank for this level of safety.

These are just some things we want you to think about as you take your test drive and see how much Ford cares about customers.



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