When you need the capability to pull small vehicles or to transport several people at one time, then consider the benefits of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. The 130-inch wheelbase offers more support for the vehicle so that you can easily carry around larger loads.

Several seats are found in the vehicle, making it easy for numerous passengers to travel together in comfort. Cupholders are located on the sides of the seats for added comfort. Each passenger has a seatbelt, which is something that you might not find in larger vans or on buses.

The vehicle has enough room to accommodate up to 15 people. Keep in mind that fewer passengers in the vehicle means that they will have access to the aisle compared to more passengers and not having an aisle in the wagon. Larger vehicles have a larger wheelbase of up to 148 inches. While in Chehalis, stop by Awesome Ford to see the capability features offered in the Ford Transit.



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