If you are in need of a cargo van/passenger wagon, the Ford Transit Connect is an outstanding model. The Transit Connect is a popular van at Awesome Ford because it comes with innovative features, which include advanced safety features that provide you with plenty of protection.

The Transit Connect offers the Safety Canopy System. This system deploys the side-curtain airbags outward and downward to protect outward passengers’ heads. With the use of roll=fold technology, the airbags will slide between the window and occupant. The airbags are designed to stay inflated longer for additional protection in the event of a rollover.

You also get a standard rearview camera with the Transit Connect. This camera offers optional audio systems and displays a crisp video image on the center stack screen. When you put the van in reverse, the camera will automatically turn on as you start to back up. This feature can be useful when you are backing into tight parking spots.



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