When shopping for a heavy-duty pickup, you want one that has peak payload and towing capabilities. The Ford Super Duty, one of the most popular heavy-duty pickups on the market, leads the class in durability.

The Super Duty is constructed of military-grade aluminum-alloy. This high-strength material is lightweight but incredibly resistant, and the weight savings has allowed Ford engineers to reinvest in the frame of the truck. This means that the body is rust-resistant, impervious to dents and dings, and home to an even tougher pickup frame. This frame is constructed of high-strength steel, and it's more than 20 times stiffer than its predecessors. Equipped with 10 cross members, each frame is made for extra strength and minimal flexing.

To sample the strength of the Ford Super Duty, take a test drive at our Awesome Ford. We provide the Chehalis community with a wide selection of durable pickups.



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