The head gasket is the seal that allows a spark to grow in your combustion chamber. The gasket blocks the transfer of fluid from the engine block to the cooling system and vice versa. When a head gasket leaks, your car’s efficiency decreases and, if not recognized right away, will cause immense engine damage.

Leaks in head gaskets are subtle. The first sign of a leak in a head gasket is a smear of oil along the seam between the engine head and engine block. Oil smudges like this are hard to detect, especially if you have just changed your engine oil. Another symptom often dismissed as a need for servicing is a cylinder misfire. Cylinder misfires at startup that yield a white vapor are sure signs of coolant in the combustion chamber.

The service experts at Awesome Ford are equipped to diagnose and detect head gasket leaks. Plan your visit to our Chehalis, WA location today!

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