Sometimes, drivers can get really ignorant with major problems without realizing the harm in it. For instance, if you hear any clunking noise under the hood, all you think of is getting to your destination then check it out once you get there. However, such kind of prolonged checks could lead to permanent damage and often leads to replacing costly differential parts.

When accelerating or decelerating and you happen to hear a howling noise, ensure you check it out before going too far. In most cases, such noise is as a result of a missing high spot or chipped gear tooth. This noise may not be quite often because the problem is probably on one side of the differential. However, if you let it lie then expect clicking-type noise every 10 feet or so. This should tell you that the opinion has also been affected, and it only gets worse from there on.

Visit the highly experienced mechanics in our service center at Awesome Ford, and we’ll sort out all your differential problems in no time.

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