Choosing the right automotive warranty can be a big deal to shoppers. While we don’t like to think of our vehicles breaking down, it can happen. If you’re trying to decide on a warranty, stop at Awesome Ford and speak to our educated staff.

Most auto warranties fall into one of two kinds: powertrain or bumper-to-bumper. Here is the difference. Powertrain warranties cover the vehicle's propulsion system, which includes the transmission, engine, differential, drive shaft and velocity joints. Bumper-to-bumper covers everything from one end of the car to the other except for wear and tear damage like batteries, trim, bumpers, windshield, etc. Plus, the bumper-to-bumper also covers the powertrain. Because of the extensive coverage, bumper-to-bumper warranties don’t go for as long as powertrain warranties.

Our professionals in Chehalis, WA may not be able to decide for you, but they can answer all your warranty questions and hopefully make your decision easier.



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