Get Your Wheel Alignment Service Done at Awesome Ford in Chehalis

If you are looking for a professional service department to handle your wheel alignment service on your car or truck, look no further than Awesome Ford in Chehalis, Washington! Awesome Ford works on nearly every type of vehicle make and model, so we service a lot more than just Fords! Our professional team of vehicle technicians are highly skilled at tire service and wheel alignment. Here are some commonly asked questions about wheel alignment and how to know if you are in need of one for your vehicle.

What is a wheel alignment?

Believe or not, when a wheel alignment is performed it is not actually an adjustment of the tires or wheels. A wheel alignment involves adjusting the the vehicle's suspension and properly aligning how the tires angle with the road. When our vehicle technicians at Awesome Ford check out your vehicle's wheel alignment, they inspect for issues with the tires turning inward or "toe alignment", the caster angle which assists in steering and balance, and the camber which is the inward/outward angle of your tires. wheel alignment is a part of regular vehicle maintenance and is important to do regularly.

Why wheel alignment is Important

Since your tires are what separates your vehicle from the road, it makes sense that taken care of them is crucial to your safety and your vehicle's performance. When your alignment is off, it can alter the way your vehicle steers and you might feel a pulling to one side that could potentially affect how your drive and your safety. If your alignment is off it can also create inconsistent wear on your tires, making their lifespan shorter and requiring you to purchase tires more often. It should be on your calendar to bring your car in every five thousand miles or so to make sure your wheels are aligned properly, even if you don't notice an issue when driving.

How Wheel Alignments Are Done

The process of doing a wheel alignment is actually more complicated than many people think. This is why many Chehalis residents choose to bring their vehicle to Awesome Ford to have this service done. First of all, your vehicle is put up on a jack so that it is elevated off the ground and the wheels can be checked properly. Next our vehicle technicians check the toe, thrust, camber, and caster of your wheels. Different vehicles require their wheels to be at different angles/degrees. We check your specific vehicle's requirements and make sure they match up properly before finishing your alignment and sending you on your way.

How to Tell if You Need A Wheel Alignment

When driving, try to notice if you feel a pulling sensation on your steering wheel. If you do, this means you probably have a somewhat serious wheel alignment issue that needs to be addressed. When parked, inspect your tires for uneven wear and tear, if you notice more wear on the inside or outside of your tires, or inconsistent wear on the front and back tires, you could have a wheel alignment issue with your vehicle.

Where to get a wheel alignment near Chehalis, Centralia, and Olympia

If you haven't had your wheel alignment inspected in awhile, or if you have noticed issues with your vehicle's performance, you should consider having it checked out by our professional technicians at Awesome Ford in Chehalis. We can inspect your vehicle for you and let you know if a wheel alignment is necessary. If you need a wheel alignment or to buy new car tires, call or contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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